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BC Transit Changes to Route #11

After a meeting with a representative from a BC Transit on September 28th 2023, the summary from Senior Transit Planner Work Lead was that there would be no changes until at least April after another review process.

We believe that was not an acceptable answer for our community.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to local elected officials and express your concerns. It is crucial that they hear from us now - we must keep the pressure on them to restore this important service immediately!

This is what you can do:

  1. Email Dean Murdock, Saanich Mayor and member of the Victoria Regional Transit Commission:

  2. Email Colin Plant, Saanich councilor and member of the Victoria Regional Transit Commission:

  3. Copy (cc) Ryan Windsor, the Chair of the Victoria Regional Transit Commission: (don't forget the "c" before "saanich" in the email address - Ryan Windsor is also the mayor of Central Saanich) when writing Dean Murdock and Colin Plant

In your emails, tell them why you are emailing them in particular, and put your request up front. For example, "I'm emailing you because you are a Saanich council member who serves on the Victoria Regional Transit Commission, and I want Route 11 service restored between Tillicum and Admirals"

If you can, we highly recommend you add a personal story about how this route change has affected you and your family and mention how the #25 bus service isn't adequate to meet your needs.

Please share the link to this page with anyone who you feel is affected by the loss of service of the #11 bus to the Gorge (Tillicum to Admirals) area.

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