Community Events


Do you have a patch of lawn that’s crying out for a junk sculpture? How about a hedge that could benefit from a quirky trim? 

This July, a new event called Curb Appeal invites you to create an informal art installation in your yard, window or anywhere that’s visible from the street.  Running from July 1-14, the event will turn the neighbourhood into an amateur outdoor art gallery that can be explored independently and safely.  

Since the Canada Day Picnic is postponed again this year, the event will have a Canadian theme - but we’re asking you to go beyond the usual maple leaves and really let your creativity shine! How will you channel a favourite thing about Canada into a display? Some starting points include: a decorated fence or tree, sculpture, topiary/use of natural elements, creative light displays or dioramas. Dangle something small from a hook or festoon your entire house - anything goes! 

Please include a sign with the hashtag #gorgecurbappeal so we can track and share your installation on social media.