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GTCA Mural Project  

We like to make things happen in our neighbourhood here at the Gorge Tillicum Community Association. We envision more art in our neighbourhood, and the next project is a mural on Burnside Road. As we will not be running the Gorge Canada Day Picnic in 2021, we are doing this instead. We’ve got $5,000 set aside in an Art Fund raised from the Pancake Breakfasts and Strawberry Tea events during past Gorge Canada Day Picnics. 

Our first mural will be on the old building’s large south side wall at 100 Burnside Rd W (on the corner at Wascana), which currently houses Cycles West. We have already met with the building owner, who is keen on this public art and will be contributing to the costs. Over the past 100 years, this building has been a gas station, a grocer, a shoe repair shop, a hardware store, and a barbershop.   


We are currently speaking to artists and exploring design themes. We plan for the mural to be painted this summer. 


The budget for the mural is $20,000, and the GTCA has contributed $5,000. We have also applied for some community arts grants. But to make this project a reality, we need your support. 


Help us grow art in Victoria and the Gorge Tillicum neighbourhood! Help us employ an artist!  To make a donation click the donate button. 

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