Rob Wickson

Name: Rob Wickson
Position: President
Phone: 250-812-9164
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rob has lived in the area since 1988. He and Claudia have raised both their daughters in the Gorge neigbourhood.  Rob has been working on community issues since his days in Yellowknife in the '70's.  As the first Treasurer of the renamed Gorge Tillicum Community Association, he helped create the foundation for our current success.  If you are at the Gorge Canada Day picnic, drop by Busker's Corner where you might find Rob entertaining the crowd.

Gabe Epstein

Name: Gabe Epstein
Position: Vice-President

Gabe is a retired elementary school teacher with more ideas than he can manifest.  Always involved in various community events and projects, Gabe grows food and flowers and is a coordinator of Gorge Tillicum Urban Farmers.  Gabe has been the hard-working driving force behind the new Gorge Park Community Gardens.

Chris Kask

Name: Chris Kask
Position: Treasurer

Chris grew up in Victoria and has lived in the Gorge neighbourhood since 2001.  Chris also serves as Chair on the Gorge Canada Day Picnic organizing committee.  Chris' degree is in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration and he has worked in tax and accounting for over 25 years now.  He enjoys hiking, camping, and travel, having made it to 55 countries so far!

Vera Wynn-Williams

Name: Vera Wynn-Williams
Position: Secretary

Vera has lived in the Gorge Tillicum area for over 8 years.  Vera has long been interested in community issues having worked for the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Area and served as President of the Business Improvement Areas of BC (BIABC).   Vera has 20 years of marketing/communications experience, most recently with the Province of BC.  She recently obtained her MBA in global marketing and currently works as a marketing consultant.

Irena Jazwinski

Name: Irena Jazwinski
Position: Membership Secretary

Irena was elected to the Board as a General Director on March 31, 2016, and elected as Membership Secretary on April 03, 2017.

Ray Farmer

Name: Ray Farmer
Position: Executive Director-at-large

Ray has been living with his family in the neighbourhood for 21 years and in Saanich most of his life.  He has been on the GTCA Board for over 18 years and is heavily involved in organizing the Canada Day Picnic and the Gorge Park Cleanup.  Ray is a business owner in Saanich and enjoys traveling and music.

Katherine Brandt

Name: Katherine Brandt
Position: General Director

Born in England, raised in Montreal, and last resided in the Yukon, Katherine has lived in the Gorge Tillicum area since 1999 and has been involved in the GTCA since 2005.  Katherine's profession is environmental planning and her interests include building community and creating active, walkable, and bicycle-friendly neighbourhoods.  She is kept busy raising her two children, taking them hiking in summers and cross-country skiing in winters.  She is a recipient of the YM-YWCA Women of Distinction Award.

Chris Bullock

Name: Chris Bullock
Position: General Director

Formerly an English professor, Chris and his wife Kay Stewart bought a condo in the Gorge-Tillicum area in 2000 and managed to move in in 2008. Chris is a writer and has co-authored three detective novels with Kay.  He is a great believer in the role of arts in the community, and writes a regular column on local artists for the GTCA Newsletter.  He also loves dancing, music and hiking.  Chris is a rookie member of the Board, elected first in February 2015.

Marcus Fedoruk

Name: Marcus Fedoruk
Position: General Director

Marcus was elected to the Board at the April 10, 2014 AGM and is a key player in our communications as he assists with the website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Russ Godfrey

Name: Russ Godfrey
Position: General Director

Russ was elected to the Board as a General Director on April 03, 2017.

Trevor Hancock

Name: Trevor Hancock
Position: General Director

Trevor Hancock has lived on Ker Avenue since 2003 and has been on the GTCA Board since 2007. A co-founder of the world-wide Healthy Communities movement and of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, he is a Professor of Public Health at the University of Victoria and on the Board of BC Healthy Communities.  He is also an avid Morris dancer - you will see him and his fellow dancers and musicians dancing every year at the Canada Day Picnic.

Scott Karpes

Name: Scott Karpes
Position: General Director

Scott was born and raised in the area and spent a good part of his youth somewhere along the Gorge. He and his wife and kids have lived in the neighbourhood for the last 8 years and love the area for its rich history and the strong community spirit they’ve discovered here. Scott is a hard-working tradesman, part-time musician and is often busy coaching Little League baseball games.

Pam Loadman

Name: Pam Loadman
Position: General Director

Pam moved to the Gorge Tillicum area in 2007 after living in Victoria for 12 years. She loves the well established sense of community here and the beauty of the Gorge waterway and surrounding greenways.  She is an avid cyclist, bike commuter, and outdoor enthusiast.  Pam works in health care and research.  She joined the board in 2010 and is the current chair of the West Gorge Transportation Committee.  She is enthusiastic about living in a community that promotes a healthy and interactive living environment.

Ed Pullman

Name: Ed Pullman
Position: General Director

Ed was elected to the Board as a General Director on April 03, 2017.