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Many residents have joined the worldwide Book Box effort!  These little book boxes are found on poles or stands and operate on the Take a Book, Leave a Book, or Borrow a Book basis.  It's free!  Check out our map below to view the GTCA area and the locations of neighbourhood Book Boxes.

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If you want to see all the Book Boxes in Greater Victoria, click here for a website about Little Free Libraries.



Gorge Park Community Gardens

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New Community Garden Approved For Gorge Park

Extended collaboration results in exciting community project

On Monday, 18 November 2013 Saanich Council approved the establishment of a new community garden in Gorge Park. The decision comes after 15 months of extensive collaboration between the Gorge Tillicum Community Association (GTCA), Saanich Parks and Recreation staff, and members of the wider community. The garden will be built early in 2014 and be operational later the same year. The GTCA Board will enter into a user agreement with the District of Saanich and oversee a Garden Committee that administers the operation and development of the garden.

The establishment of the community garden is consistent with objectives described in the Saanich Official Community Plan and the Strategic Plan vision of having a community garden in each of the District’s 12 local areas by 2036. The placement of the garden in Gorge Park fits with its designation as a “natural and horticultural” park in the municipal Local Area Plan for Gorge Tillicum.

The physically and financially accessible community garden will contribute to local food security with members growing not only ornamental plants and plants providing habitat for local pollinators, but also food for personal use, for donation to agencies, and for sharing amongst garden members and the general public.

The garden will serve to enhance ongoing efforts to upgrade the quality of the park environment as well as the health and vitality of the wider community through opportunities for social interaction, recreation, cultural expression and celebration, and various educational opportunities. To quote Laurie Jones, a local resident, “These are the kinds of initiatives that make a desirable neighbourhood, building aesthetic and community values,” and, “I'd like this space to … be a positive, beautiful, happening place where people are welcome to come and share, on whatever level they wish, the benefits of growing food.”

The approval of this project by council was made possible by the contributions of many members of the wider community – people who shared their opinions, thoughts, suggestions, visions and expertise regarding the proposal and its potential – and by the excellent and ongoing collaboration between the GTCA Board, Saanich staff, and community volunteers. The passion and hard work of the past 15 months has created a strong foundation for the work ahead – that of building a beautiful, interesting and productive community garden.

Gorge Tillicum Community Table

A project of the Gorge Tillicum Community Association in collaboration with the United Way of Greater Victoria and the UVic Office of Community Based Research.

Additional background information is available through the United Way of Greater Victoria Community Tables.

Development Projects

The GTCA Board is consulted by the District of Saanich on developments within the GTCA area.  We hear presentations from developers at our Board Meetings and provide feedback to the developer and the municipality.  To see current development applications in our neighbourhood, please check out the following link:

Volunteer with the GTCA

Do you want to get involved in the community you live in?  There are many ways and it can be as much or as little work as you would like it to be!

You can get involved in any of these ways:

  • Gorge Park Clean-up - help keep up this park, see our Events page for details.
  • Canada Day Picnic - help is always needed, see our Event page for details.
  • Traffic issues?  Join the West Gorge Transportation Committee or start a committee for your area.  Contact the Board.
  • GTCA Board - all members and those living in the GTCA area are welcome to run for election to the Board of Directors.  Elections are held in March of every year.  If you'd like to attend a few meetings before deciding, check our Calendar on the Events page for meeting times.
  • Help us out with something that you think we need help with!  Email us to tell us what you can do for us!!

Tillicum Local Area Action Plan

Tillicum - Burnside Action Plan Streetscape Concepts - June 21, 2005

View individual villages and maps at:

Gorge Park Workshop

Gorge Park Workshop Report - January 22, 2011


GTB - Charrette Report - January 2004